Download Sketchware pro apk:

Download DM Chat project for Sketchware pro from Sketch hub: (Note that you will be required to add in java folder of your project.)

Download DM Chat project for Sketchware pro:

  • First Download and extract
  • Import DMChat_d.swb in Sketchware pro.
  • Then download and extract
  • Add file in the java folder of your project in .sketchware/mysc/(project number)/app/src/main/java/(package name)/
  • Change package name in

How to import the swb file in Sketchware pro, and how to add to your Sketchware project.

Data files for some Sketchware projects

The data of Sketchware projects are stored as five files with names ‘file’, ‘library’, ‘logic’, ‘resource’, ‘view’, in external storage folder .sketchware/data/732/. Here ‘732’ is project number and may be different in your case.

How to use the project data files available here?

  1. Download the zip fil containing data files.
  2. Create new project in Sketchware.
  3. Save and exit the project.
  4. Unzip the zip file.
  5. Put the five files from zip ‘file’, ‘library’, ‘logic’, ‘resource’, ‘view’, in the .sketchware/data/(latest project number)/ folder. Replace files with same names. (NOTE: .sketchware is a hidden folder.)
  6. Unzip file containing images if any, and copy the images to the .sketchware/resources/images/(latest project number)/ folder.
  7. Open the Sketchware project and check.

a. Download project data for Hotel reception app:

b. Download project data for RecyclerView example app:

c. Download project data for Fullscreen VideoView example:

d. Download Firebase based App Store project data for Sketchware

e. Download Firebase chat project data